Head Brewer Found!

Please join us in welcoming Phil Pesheck as Burke-Gilman Brewing’s Head Brewer!

We were humbled by the quality of candidates who showed interest. The brewers we interviewed came with fascinating experience and interesting attitudes about brewing. Phil really stood out in his approach, his ideas for the beer he wanted to make, and his eagerness to experiment. Here’s a bit about Phil in his own words:

I was born and raised in the Seattle area. I love getting outdoors & exploring this amazing state.

I started home brewing while in college at Western in Bellingham, where I was inspired by the beers of Boundary Bay & Orchard Street Brewing. While home brewing one night I had ‘The Calling’ and decided to give professional brewing a try.
I started my career in the cellar at Mac n’ Jacks, then worked around the industry until I started work at Georgetown Brewing. There, I discovered a passion for everything strong, hoppy, and malty.

I aspire to make BGBC the ‘Family-Room’ of the Burke Gilman Trail. Expect many experimental session IPAs, Double IPAs, Strong ales, Barleywines, Kettle soured, and Barrel Aged brews from me. I’m also very interested in Belgian styles, so this feels like a great fit. I’ve been reviewing the equipment the partners have specced, and quizzing them about their favorite breweries and beers, trying to create a synthesis of their voices and my own. I can’t wait to get started making beer for all of you!

We can’t wait, either, Phil! We’ve already been working on recipes, taking the experimental brews we’ve done at home, and putting Phil’s professional experience to work on them. We look forward to having a wonderful variety of beers on tap and all of us learning together!

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  1. “We’ve already (been) working on recipes…” OR “(We’re) already working on recipes…” but not “We’ve already working on recipes…”. FYI

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