We’re opening Saturday, July 21st at noon!


We have been working on this project for several years now, far longer than we’ve been talking about it here. We cannot express how very much we appreciate your patience (not to mention the patience of our families!) through all of this as we have figured out so many things. We have so much gratitude for members of the business community and members of the brewing community who have helped out with advice and hard work. We have so much gratitude for family members and friends who’ve picked up hammer, mop, phone or laptop and gotten things done.

The same goes for how much we appreciate *your* interest and support, which has exceeded all our hopes. We are amazed at the reception we’ve received in the neighborhood, and we feel truly lucky to have the opportunity we have – we’ve lost count of how many curious neighbors we’ve met who just happened to come look in the window when we were there working, and we were able to invite in for a quick tour!

We’ve never been more confident that we picked the right spot for our project, and we look forward to being here a very long time.

So, without further ado….

We have some beer to pour for you!

We will be open for business at noon, Saturday, July 21st.

Please help us celebrate the end of the beginning.

Thank you so much.

…and we should note that now that we have an opening date for the brewery, we have a closing date for the Founders Club – we said it would close a week after opening. That means the club will close to new members on Saturday, 7/28. 🙂


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